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Purple Reign

Purple Reign

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Purple, mauve, violet, lavender, and the list goes on. No matter what shade of the spectrum you choose, purple is generally a very rich colour, which means that you need to go for elaborate motifs to spice up your outfit, because standing out is a given. If you’ve been stuck in a pattern of wearing neutrals, or if you want a new way to wear bold colors, get ready for tonal dressing. How? Try a head-to-toe approach bringing in one color from head to toe in jewellery, clothes, shoes and make-up. It comes down to picking one bold color and mixing in as many shades as you can. You can take a head-to-toe approach, or you can add a complementary piece to pull off the look. I hope that nobody will call me Barney the dinosaur for wearing anything purple.. hahah.
Photos: Jill Albanico.

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