How to find extraordinairy clothes for small prices

"Surena, how can you find clothes for that prices?” is the question I'm always asked. I love to search and buy in the places nobody is buying. For example, I love to go to flea markets, the ones which are not stylish at all. You have to be aware of the fact that in stylish stores, you pay for the image. If you go to a vintage store, you might pay very expensive for the same thing found in a second hand store for “poor people"! Why?! - Because vintage is "in" and second hand and flea market is not. For sure it's easier to find stylish pieces in stylish vintage stores, but with patience and a good eye you can find good pieces everywhere! The good thing about that is, that if you find something stylish it won't be expensive at all, because the people selling the piece usually don't know their clothes are that stylish. Look at this stylish dress I found in a non-stylish flea market for 3€. I absolutely love this dress! So, go treasure hunting! Open your mind and eyes, because style is everywhere!



Last modified onTuesday, 26 January 2016 21:57

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