Be ROYAL for 5 euros.

There is nothing more regal than royal blue! Insert the intense blue to your outfit to represent harmony and elegance! One piece in that color can change your outfit totally and make you feel like a diva. And the best thing about it is that you don’t need to spend lots of money to look classy. I found my blue coat in a secondhand shop in Vienna for 5 €. I love to find second hand treasures like this one at small prices. Well, be royal at your next trip in a second hand shop and watch out for royal blue items!
Photos by Pia Henkel.


The 80s never go to retirement.

As an eighties’ kid, I remember the platform shoes, the legwarmers, the jumpsuits, the bleached hair, the shoulder pads and so on.. Inspired by this decade, I’m wearing a jumpsuit which is ruched in the center with elastic, and looks like two pieces of clothing instead of one. You can find them in vintage shops of every sort. The eighties never go to retirement – the fashion stays hip, stylish, charming and timeless.

Photos by Mona Dadari.


Inspiration in Turkey.

Travelling is an inspiration for inside and outside – for your mind and your style. Visiting Istanbul really inspired me to go back to my oriental roots. Turkey, Iran and Egypt are, as a lot of other oriental countries, full of colours, motifs, material and cuts. My impressions made me combine Egyptian influences into my look. So, when you travel always open your eyes and your mind, because inspiration is everywhere!


Tired of skinny jeans.


I’m so happy about those cheap monday-jeans I found in last year’s sale (Weekday/Cologne, 10€). As the whole world seems to be skinny-jeans-addicted, it’s kind of special to wear flared jeans inspired by the fourties, seventies and nineties. The combination can be quite simple – the cut of the jeans is enough to spice up your style.
Photos by Stefan Neumann.

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